DNSGeekTool Software : Fixing DNS_PROBE Error

DNSGeekTool Software is a software designed to overcome the the error many google chromes users face at some point or the other. The error is displayed with the name: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, this error is caused by an unresponsive DNS server.

Not only does this software(DNSGeekTool Software) helps to overcome this error, but also resolve other DNS related problems.

Advantages of using this software:

This software offers solution to a variety of DNS related errors that you might face while browsing the internet. Not only does it solve the problems, it also saves your time! What the software does is, run a command prompt script. Which manually might take you some good time. And, doing it each time the error comes up is a hefty job. So, to avoid that, and save your time, use this software!

How to get DNSGeekTool Software:

It’s really simple to get and use this software. All you’ve to do is, download it through this by appuals.com

You will find yourself on this page by following that link, here you now have to click the download the follow-up instructions.

Now, that you might have the software with you, it’s time to use it. Head over to the next section to know how to!

For more information, visit: dns_probe_finished_nxdomain

How to use DNSGeekTool Software:

Now, that you’ve the software with you, it’s time that you use it to fix errors such as ‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN’. For this read below:

Method of running DNSGeekTool Software:

  1. Open the file location where you’ve saved the file you download.
  2. Open cmd. To do so, go to start, type ‘run’ and right click on it and press ‘run as administrator’.
  3. Now, cmd is opened in administrator mode. Simply head over to the file location, and drag it to the cmd window. Or, you can also type the path of the file location.
  4. After the file location has been specified, or you’ve dragged the software into the cmd window, hit enter.
  5. Voila! The tool will now initiate itself.
  6. Follow up with the questions stated in the command window. They will ask for ” Yes or No”, simply follow up with them and the DNS problem will be troubleshooted.

What the tool does: 

The tool is designed to run various actions that are required to be done manually, but, to save your time and to make it easier, this tool has been designed to make it more simpler!

What it actually does is: It flushes the current DNS settings and make changes as to troubleshoot any DNS problems occurring! Not only does it flush the dns settings, it also applies some other changes to make the experience better. Next what it does is, it changes the the DNS settings from local/default to Google’s DNS. The benefit of using Google’s DNS is that, it’s highly reliable and secure! Some might think that it’s public, so might possess security issues, but no, it’s secured and reliable to use. It provides 99% of uptime, and that 1% is highly noticeable.

More information: 

What is DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities. – Wikipedia


This is an error experienced mostly by google chrome users. This error prevents the user from visiting specific sites, it either gives the error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN or DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN. This error Occurs because of DNS lookup-when you try to go to a website, your server sends the request to the main server(DNS) from where it gives the address(IP) to the website and sends back- but when this circle breaks, such errors are created.


Sometimes, all it needs is a restart of the network modem, but sometimes these sort of errors decide not to go easily! So, for this, we recommend you to use this tool and troubleshoot most DNS problems that might occur. 


DNSGeekTool Software : Fixing DNS_PROBE Error
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