iRoot (One Click Root) | APK Download for Android & PC

iRoot APK : Android have become an essential part of our life and its hard now to even imagine a life without smartphones. The best part about android phones are that we can modify the phone like we wish and play around with it, but we still face many restrictions while we try to modify the system files and that is where rooting comes in to use. Rooting enables you to modify the files in system memory, through which you can delete unwanted bloatwares (unwanter system applications) And do much more, You can read the advantages of rooting mentioned in the end of this article.


But as many people are very protective about their phone and are not a geek about android, people assume the process of rooting to be complex and hard, Buts its not true when you use iRoot to root your android phone. in This article you will get the download link to Latest version of iRoot APK which you can directly install on your android and root your phone. or download iroot for PC and root your android from PC. So without wasting further time, lets get into the stuff.

iRoot APK Download v3.2

Download iroot APK and install it on your phone directly. If you are not familiar with the process of installing an app through APK, then follow the instructions given below the download link. And ¬†click on the download button below to download the app directly. If the download link isn’t working, then report to us through the comments.


How to install iRoot APK On android

Follow the given steps to install iRoot on your android phone.

Step 1 : Download the APK given above to your phone.

Step 2 : Go to settings of your Phone and navigate to “Security settings” and enable the option that says “installation of apps from unknown sources”. Only when this step is done, you will be able to install any app through APK file.

Step 3 : Open the downloaded APK file and click on install, to initiate the installation process of iRoot.

That is it ! the app will be downloaded in a minute or so. And you can start using the app and root your phone easily.

Watch the Video tutorial below to Root your Android phone through iRoot.


Download iRoot for PC

You can root your phone through your PC too. All you need to do is install iRoot on your PC and connect your phone to your PC through USB cable and click on root option on the PC. Below is the Download link of iRoot for pc.


Features of iRoot APK

You might find many rooting apps for android on internet, Some of which are Towelroot, Kingroot etc. But there are some reasons why you must prefer iRoot over them all, and the features mentioned below are the reasons.

  • One click Root feature. You don’t need to do any complex procedures to root your phone.
  • Supports a very large range of android phones.
  • You can root through your PC if its convenient.
  • Quick Rooting enables the app to root your Phone quickly.
  • Unroot feature is available in iRoot. You can unroot your phone before getting your phone to service centre. Your warranty will be back when you unroot your phone.
  • iRoot is a very light weight app, it doesn’t consume much of your RAM.

Hope these were enough reasons for you to download iroot and root your phone now, without much difficulties.

iRoot (One Click Root) | APK Download for Android & PC
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