Speed Test APK Download For Android (Speedtest.net)

Internet is a much needed resource now, and this generation youngsters cannot even imagine a life without it. Here we are about to provide the download links for an App that helps in checking the internet download and upload speed. The app we are talking about is SpeedTest powered by speedtest.net. This page is all about the download link and instructions of Speedtest APK.

speedtest APK download

Knowing the speed of an internet before using can be really useful to plan and manage your internet usage, and apart from that you can even check if your Internet service provider are able to deliver the speed which they promised. So knowing speed of your internet connection will surely be useful to you, and SpeedTest app comes handy in this kind of situation. So its surely a must have app for any android phone, it can be useful to you in any unexpected time.

SpeedTest APK Download

Below is the direct download link to Latest Version : Speedtest APK 3.2.27. If you face any difficulties while downloading the app, you can report to us through the comments section at the end of this article.  If you don’t know how to install this APK file on your phone, then read the instructions given on this page below download link..


Speedtest.net APK Features

Any APK file downloaded from Geekpeaksoftware have the following features, which we maintain to retain the reader’s faith and experience.

  • SpeedTest APK given here is the latest version.
  • 100% malware /virus Free.
  • APK of official application.
  • Runs on all the android phones that runs required version of OS.
  • Can be installed on PC through Android emulators like bluestacks.

 How to Install Speedtest APK on android?

Installing procedure for Speedtest APK is same as any other APK file. If you have no experience in installing an app through APK, then no need to panic. Just follow the steps given below as it is, this method is applicable for any android phone irrespective of Brand or android version.

Step 1: Download speedtest.net APK to your phone.

Step 2: Open settings of your phone, and open “security settings”. In security settings enable the option that says “installation of apps from unknown sources”. This option is necessary because by default android is programmed to install apps through playstore only.

Step 3: Now open the APK file you downloaded in the first step and click on “install” option to start the installation process. Installation will be completed in 20-30 seconds, and you will find SpeedTest app on your home screen or app gallery.

Hope the process was easy for you, if you are stuck at any step or having any problem, comment it here, we will try to give you a solution.

Speet Test App features

The are hundreds of speed testing applications on playstore, but still why should you choose speedtest.net app ? below features are the reasons why you should prefer this app.

  • Most accurate speed checking.
  • Most trusted Speed testing app in the world.
  • Check both upload and download speed with just one click.
  • You can enable realtime speed testing, which will show you real-time speed on notification bar of your android phone.
  • You can check your speed unlimited times in a day for free.
  • Very minimal advertisements, which wont disturb you in any way.

Hope these reasons were enough for you to select this app over its competition.

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

1. Why speed keeps changing every time I check it ?

Ans : None of the internet connections can give you a constant speed, The speed varies according to the signal you receive, which keeps changing with time and various other factors. So obviously your internet speed changes every other nano second. And the speed shown by Speedtest app is the average speed in a given time period.

2. can we switch off the advertisement in the app? 

Ans : We have placed the Ads in a way that it won’t disturb the user experience. And secondly ads are the only source of income to the developers through which they maintain the quality of the app. So please support developers and don’t remove ads from apps.

Speed Test APK Download For Android (Speedtest.net)
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