We’re Hiring !!

We are Creating a Team of Content builders to take GeekPeakSoftware.com to the next level in the Tech industry and so we are looking out for Individuals who can work for us Full time.

we are hirig
The Vacancy is now there for Content Writers, Below are the requirements to be a content writer at Geekpeaksoftware :

  • Should have a good command of written English with proper use of Punctuation.
  • Should have a good Knowledge about Tech & happenings in tech world.
  • Should be available anytime to write articles & press releases.

Of course, you earn for writing at Geek Peak Software. We will pay you on monthly basis depending on your skills & article quality during the Trial period. Yes, we’ll test you for 3 days & decide if you would be suitable to work with our Team. In this 3 days, we check how well you write and how active you are.

We will be giving you the topics on which you need to write and will give you the number of words we need on each topic, and we expect a Fresh content which is not copied from internet (We have softwares to detect it).

If you believe, you have got what it takes to Join us, send us an email with the following details:

  • Name
  • E-Mail address
  • Age
  • Occupation [Student/Job]
  • Location
  • Your social pages (Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.)
  • A sample article of 200 words about anything of your Interest (It should be related to Tech)
  • Any blogs that you follow daily.
  • Any Prior Experience (We don’t Select on basis of Experience we also encourage new writers).

You Can send these details to geekpeaksoftware.com@gmail.com or you can Just fill the form below and send us.